Your base card image (jpeg, png or gif) sould be portrait and of 400X560 pixels in dimensions, your enhancements can explore other sizes, keeping ratio is nice for your enhancements but not essential – but shouldbe followed if you would like to show your mp4 instead of the card in the directory for example.

Your base card image should be under 10MB (squeezing something to that size is part of your art now) and you must always supply a base card image, even if your prefer media is the mp4 or Iframe URL. your token description field should reference a JSON which also expresses the base image as the “image_large” keys value.

Reach on on the telegram official channels if you need help.

– Respectfully La Faka Nostra

Fill the form with the details of your FAKE RARES submission. Please ensure that your card image is under 10MB - You upload your card image here only (referenced by 'image_large' in your JSON), other media can be refernced via URL.
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By ticking the box I agree that the work submitted is both original and dank, whilst being deemed Safe For Work

Fake Rares are Pepe Related, if your art is aimed outside of that scope please head over to phunchkins who accept all basis of art, or wojaks or discover blackmarketXCP at kaleidoscope